About us

International Council of Pentecostal Bishops Inc. Ontario, Canada.

The International Council of Pentecostal Bishop Inc. (ICPB) was founded by Archbishop Dr. C. Lloyd Battieste and Co-Founder Bishop Dr. C. A. Reid in 2002 and Incorporated in Ontario, Canada March 7, 2002 with International Office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The International Council of Pentecostal Bishops Inc. (ICPB) is made up of all active Bishops and or Senior Pastors presiding over their respective Denominations/Ministries.

The ICPB offers a safe environment where Bishops and Ministers can receive encouragement, instruction, counseling for issues associated with leadership responsibilities.                                       

The ICPB also creates an accountability platform in the spirit of iron sharpening iron to help Bishops, Ministers and other church leaders be grounded, centered and focused. To accomplish this, the Council will meets twice per year. 

The Archbishop Dr. C Lloyd Battieste reputation is well renowned as being a blend of compassion for leadership and a safeguard for legitimate and principled order for all Episcopal issues. 

 The ICPB sees the need to continually collaborate together to assist each other in major functions such as ecclesiastical events as deemed necessary.

In the ICPB, a Bishop serves as a General Superintendent of his entire church Organization.                      

The ICPB seeks out ways to build our community and the Body of Christ.

 Some of ICPB major goals encompasses:-

  • Develop, establish and maintain ICPB
  • Conducting consecration of Bishops and ordination of Ministers
  • Conducting of large ecumenical functions
  • Conduction Annual ICPB General Conference/Banquet
  • Collaborating and sharing expertise and resources
  • Reconciling disputes among churches/ministries
  • Providing Spiritual coverage and validation for each member

The International Council of Pentecostal Bishops has no jurisdiction over the governance and affairs of the local church. ICPB will only appear as a council when invited by a host Bishop.

ICPB will serve a host church at the request of the Bishop in that Ministry.

The Members of ICPB affirm that it is the will of God that all members of His church be united through the operation of the Holy Spirit, to the end that the prayer of our Lord be fulfilled: “That they be one”.

ICPB seeks to foster a global collaboration and cooperation among charismatic Ministries.

ICPB understand that there cannot be an effective collaboration without partnership of which includes the willingness to share resources. By resources we mean, favor, strength and other substances that will enhance the work of God, the nations and regions of the world.

Partnership as the term is being used means covenant relationship at the highest level that guarantees trust. Prejudices, will give way to a brotherhood and sisterhood that fosters unity sealed with the blood of Christ.

The International Council of Pentecostal Bishops Inc. is established:-

  • To recognize the mandate of God for the office of the Bishop in the modern Pentecostal body. Encouraging, building and assisting those called to the office to work in total integrity that the position demands.
  • To establish criteria, minimum qualification and necessary evaluative evidence for consecration into office. Thereby, maintaining the dignity of office to the glory of God and sustainable standard for the body of Christ – the Church.
  • To serve as a reference/clearinghouse, in developing and maintaining an eldership level of leadership. Speaking on behalf of leaders within nations, states and regions of the world.
  • To establish and maintain a network for the kingdom activities of the ministries around the world. Through the network, create and share resources for the advancement of the work of God through worthy and capable leaders